I am a linocut printmaker and an Atlanta native. I am extremely proud to call this city home and I draw inspiration from the landmarks, landscapes and people I encounter daily. I choose the linocut medium because it comes with an element of surprise and forgiveness.  Bonus!- Carving linoleum is very cathartic (try it out sometime!)

I am a self-taught artist through and through and, to be honest, this all started as a pandemic hobby so I could be working on something without feeling guilty for watching endless reruns of Tiger King. While I don’t have a BFA or fancy list of achievements and awards, once in kindergarten my crayon drawing of a gorilla was chosen to be displayed in concourse C at the world-famous Hartsfield Jackson International Airport. That counts for something, right? 

While that is currently my largest and only notable accolade as an artist, I am hoping my newfound love for linocut printmaking will lead to that list growing. More importantly, I hope my neighbors enjoy the art I create and are reminded just how unique and beautiful our city is.